Pilgrim Pawz offers dog walking, pet check-ins, and one on one socialization sessions. We will walk your pup in the rain, snow, or shine. Services are provided to pets and owners within an 8-mile radius from 16 Samoset St. Plymouth, MA. Dogs must be up to date with shots. Paperwork must be presented at first meet.

Pets are our best friends. They bring love, joy, and comfort to our lives, and have been proven to lower stress and depression, decrease the risk of heart disease or heart attack, and connect us with a community who appreciate our furry friends just as much as we do. As owners, it is our responsibility to return the favor by providing the best care for our loved ones. Pets are happiest with regular exercise and play time, good nutrition, and socialization; just like humans! Pilgrim Pawz is here to help you deliver the necessary care to your pet if you have a busy day, or just don’t have enough time in general.

45 Minute Neighborhood Walk.......$35

1/2 Hour Neighborhood Walk.......$25

15 Minute Neighborhood Walk.......$20

45 Minute Adventure Walk.......$40

Walk locations: woods, beach, dog park, your local neighborhood, or downtown Plymouth. We will always pick up after your dog!

*Dogs who will be walking in a group need to get along with other dogs. Walks may have 2-4 dogs in attendance.

*Dogs must be leashed or connected to an e collar unless perfectly trained to come when called. We would never want to lose your pup or have something bad happen to him or her.

*Pilgrim Pawz will not walk if there is a state of emergency

Comprehensive Check-In.......$35

15 Minute Quick Visit.......$15

Comprehensive check-ins include a 15 minute walk if applicable, feeding, watering, playing, medication administration if applicable, and any other pet needs.

15 Minute quick visits include any necessities such as feeding, watering, bathroom break, and medication administration if applicable.

*Special check-in requests are no extra charge